Mrs. Magic!

Mrs. Magic!
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Monday, July 18, 2011


ONCE YOU POP!........

Get ready to experience cake as you've never seen it before! Once you pop you can't stop... cake pops that is! Cake pops, cupcake pops, cake balls and bites call it what you will, they all have something in common... crumbled cake mixture, cake filling & covered in chocolate or a special candy coating.

It's great for getting rid of those excess cake crumbs!! Forget about cake truffles say hello to cake pops!

Crumble your cake and mix in flavoured buttercream or ganache until throughly combined, sticky enough to form balls . After rolling the cake balls by hand place on a wax-paper covered baking sheet. Chill for several hours to settle, you want the cake balls to be firm but not frozen.

At the moment I'm useless for quantities because its hit and miss, it really is a matter of using up what cake crumbs and cake filling you have left over and making the most of your unwanted scraps! You can dip in chocolate milk or white and get creative!

I can't take credit for this genius idea! This is all thanks to visit her web for more inspiring ideas or better still buy her book!

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