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Mrs. Magic!
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Saturday, October 8, 2011


Who can resist the allure of a perfectly pink macaroon, a gleaming jar of marmalade, or the sweet gritty promise of a square of fudge!! Love the local markets! We all still find it pretty much impossible to walk past a local market without being tempted by the home-made offerings on display so why don't we bake it ourselves! The hassle, the mess, the ingredients, the time but the fun, the smell, the pride, the taste, the flavour are all elements we can't ignore.

Easy fun recipes whatever you decide to bake rest assured that the rewards for creating it will be far greater than the effort you put into making it! Support and help local markets if you're not going to bake it or make it yourself!

One of your five a day in just one bite!

12 small red or green apples
12 x 8" long wooden sticks (available in craft shops!)
880g caster sugar
250ml water
80ml Glucose Syrup (Available in Brennans
(Colour droplets red or green to enhance / Optional!)

1. Line two baking trays with baking paper

2. Wash apples under cold water, stand on a wire rack until dry, do not be tempted to rub with cloth!!

3. Push a wooden stick three-quarters of the the way through each apple from stem end

4. Combine sugar, water, glucose & colouring (if using!!) in large , saucepan stir over a low heat until sugar dissolves. Bring to the boil, boil uncovered for about 10mins or until it reaches 145C/300C on sugar thermometer, or when cracks when dropped into a cup of cold water.

5. Remove from the heat, allow bubbles to subside, tilt pan slightly to one side and carefully dip an apple in toffee, twist slowly to coat.... if dipped too quickly you'll get air bubbles!

6. Twirl apples around a few times over pan to drain excess then place on prepared tray and leave to set!