Mrs. Magic!

Mrs. Magic!
Cakes made to make your mouth order!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ok, Ok, so I'm rubbish at a blog!! I love cake but what I'm hooked on is basking in the joy of simply giving people something yummy , plus your family and close friends are your best and most forgiving test kitchen!

How great to have willing guinea pigs to test out your recipes!! so here it goes!... every Monday no repeats, no low fat anything just to learn new techniques, recipes and have fun baking and experimenting but, only on a Monday!

I can just about juggle everything, chief washer upper, school runs, cracking eggs for a living, housekeeping, the list is endless, but I normally take Mondays off (ironically to catch up on paperwork and missed calls) over the weekend but I never have time for me, so now on a Monday my 'ME TIME' will be cracking eggs and working through recipes that I would love to try but never seem to find the time . Monday is also the day you look forward to the least!

There's something about baking a cake that makes everybody happy!! I may not promise a daily blog but once a week is worth a shot!