Mrs. Magic!

Mrs. Magic!
Cakes made to make your mouth order!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OMG! I can't believe I thought blogging was easy! Please take it easy on me I'm a blogging virgin! It only took me two weeks to feel the pressure of not writing on the blog! Holy cow how do all these people have lives! not to mention Twitter accounts, facebook, businesses to run and juggle family life...hmmm maybe they don't!

Anyway back to muffins! My quest to find the fluffiest muffin...I have tweaked so many red velvet recipes my kitchen looked like a scene from Fargo with my mixer nearly giving up the will to live!

I've tried Cake Boss, Magnolia, Rachel Allen to name just a few , red velvet is the Dolly Parton of cakes, rich and tacky but much loved all the same!! Experimenting is the only way to find your true recipe!

You need to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince! xx T

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